Designed for J!NX
Modelled after the infamous Creeper, this full zip up hoodie doubles as an easy costume.  With the iconic green pixellated print and mesh Creeper face, it is instantly recognizeable to any Minecraft fan.  A grass block icon clip label and Minecraft logo zipper pull add subtle branding to the garment.  Available in adult or youth sizes.
End product photo - Hunter Bond
Product Photo - Hunter Bond
Detail Photo - Hunter Bond
Ghosted Product Photo - Hunter Bond
Minecraft Diamond Hoodie
Designed for J!NX
This unisex grey hoodie brings the casual elegance of sought after Minecraft diamonds to a comfortable classic hooded sweatshirt.  With an embroidered diamond icon, printed diamond ore pattern at the hood lining, and custom Minecraft logo zipper pull, this hoodie combines subtle game elements into a wearable garment.  Available in adult or youth sizes.
Concept Image for Minecraft Diamond Hoodie - Photoshop
Technical Flats for Minecraft Diamond Hoodie - Illustrator
Designed for J!NX
Pixellated green knit and the iconic Creeper face adorn this acrylic knit beanie.  With a contrast lining and grass block clip label, this beanie illustrates the characteristic minimal and pixellated style of Minecraft.
Technical flat for Minecraft Creeper Beanie - Illustrator
Designed for J!NX
Acrylic knit scarf with pixellated Creeper face and pattern.
Designed for J!NX
Silver-plated and enamel pendant necklace with Creeper Face.
Technical Drawing for Creeper Pendant
Designed for J!NX
Silver plated and enamel pixellated diamond earrings.
Designed for J!NX
Silver Plated and enamel pixellated diamond pendant.
Technical Drawing for Minecraft Diamond Pendant
Designed for J!NX
Inspired by the ubiquitous peacoat sported by Minecraft's create, Notch, this comfortable double breasted fleece jacket has a pixellated green interior yoke print, logo buttons, and embroidered sleeve patch for subtle branding.
Technical Flat for Minecraft Fleece Peacoat
Designed for J!NX
Inspired by one of the first weapons you'll craft in Minecraft, the Iron Sword, this all purpose belt features a metal buckle with embossed sword and iron ore details.  The cotton webbing belt is finished with a metal logo tab and a convenient bottle opener on the reverse of the buckle. 

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