Following the success of the Portal 2 Inter-spatial earrings, I came up with the idea for the Companion Cube Dangle Earrings and Aperture Logo post earrings.  Following the clean design aesthetic that is iconic to Aperture Laboratories and Portal 2, I designed the Companion Cube earrings to feature the front of the cube in silver-plated metal with pink enamel heart and circle accents.  For the Aperture logo, the silver-plated metal contrasts strongly with the black enamel logo.  Aside from the visual game reference, the minimalism of these accessories makes them versatile jewelry pieces, able to be worn with almost anything.  
Silver-Plated and Enamel Companion Cube Earrings.
Technical Drawing for Companion Cube Earrings. Adobe Illustrator.
Silver-Plated and Enamel Aperture Logo Earrings.
Side view of Aperture Earrings.
Technical Illustration for Aperture Earrings. Adobe Illustrator

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