Lucid Studios LA
Stitching, Patternmaking, Leatherwork
Projects: Lizzo (2020 Grammys), Lil Nas X Panini (Video and VMA), Taylor Swift Me, The Orville, G Eazy
Dance and Performing Arts
Projects: Artoo Tutu (Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade), Temps Leve / Rendezvous / New Wave (UArts), Rocky Horror Picture Show (UArts), Cinderella / Christmas Carol / Wizard of Oz / Babes in Toyland (AFT)
Walk Around Costume, Design, Patternmaking, Fabrication
Event Costumes: DC Bombshell Supergirl, Dragon Age Inquisition (Jacket and Corset) 
CBS The Ex List
Wardrobe Tailor, Stitching, Patternmaking, Custom Garments

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